Weekly Sunday Evening Satsang

Join nondual spiritual teacher and licensed therapist Craig Holliday Sunday evenings at 7:00 pm Mountain time zone for satsang live online. All are welcome.

Every Sunday evening 7:00 pm Mountain

Satsang is a time when we come together and meet in meditation and investigate what it means to be both human and Divine.

Weekly Wednesday Kundalini Support Group

This Kundalini support group with Craig Holliday is open to anyone who is experiencing difficulties associated with Kundalini energy, activation, and awakening.

Every Wednesday afternoon 10:00 am Mountain

You are invited to join this small and intimate group to receive support in working with overwhelming energies and other experiences associated with kundalini awakening.

Weekly Wednesday Meditation Group

Join Craig Holliday and the sangha in meditation every Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm Mountain time zone for one hour live via Zoom video meeting (donation-based.)

Every Wednesday Evening 7:00 pm Mountain

This is a sincere invitation to take one hour out of your busy week and rest in your Absolute Divine Nature with us in meditation online via Zoom video meeting.

Individual Counseling & Therapy Sessions

Online video counseling provides a convenient, effective and powerful method enabling us to deeply connect during sessions. Time and distance are no longer a barrier. While Craig’s professional therapy and counseling services are in high demand, he does make time each month for new clients and students who are sincere and ready to make significant and meaningful change in their lives. Craig offers Nondual & Spiritual Awakening Therapy & Support, Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy and Kundalini Therapy and Support. All sessions are held online using Skype or Zoom video conferencing.

Awakening to Our Holy Light Online Christmas Retreat

Online with Craig Holliday | December 26-28, 2022

Join us this December 26-28 for an Online Meditation Retreat as we explore Awakening to our Holy Light. During each meeting, Craig will offer guided meditation, teaching, and inquiry. As a sangha, we will be met by the energies of Grace. Grace will pour down into the room and flood us with the unique energies of Awakening. Craig will guide us to open further to our Divine Presence and receive the energies of Grace and Transmission to heal and remove pain or shadow or confusion in our nervous system, which veils our True Nature. The invitation of retreat is for us to truly embody our Divine Nature, free from ego – free from confusion, desire, addiction, and habit. Each session is unique, and together we are guided into greater states of consciousness and freedom. Click here for full details and registration.

Books written by Craig Holliday

Fully Human Fully Divine

Awakening to Our Innate Beauty Through Embracing Our Humanity - If we want to be free we must discover that every aspect of ourselves is Divine; even our humanity.

Available in Kindle and Paperback on Amazon

If you want to examine with me, what it means to be awake and how to work with karma and egoic conditioning please join me on a journey to rediscover our innate divinity.

Yoga of Liberation

A Modern Evolutionary View on Spiritual Awakening - The spiritual path can be summed up in one movement: from darkness toward the light, from unconsciousness to a greater Consciousness.

Now Available in Kindle and Paperback on Amazon

Drawing from down-to-earth examples from everyday life, Craig offers a synthesis of nondual wisdom and modern psychology in Yoga of Liberation.

The Secret of Yoga with Guided Savasana
Recorded live on retreat January 20, 2019, Craig offers instructions on relaxing the body into a state of total surrender, and then speaks about the necessity of yoga along with teachings on prayer.

Working with Kundalini Intensity & Getting Support During Awakening
Sunday Online Satsang recorded January 27, 2019. In this satsang Craig discusses the need for the appropriate support during your awakening process and gives some advice on dealing with Kundalini intensity and other questions.

Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview
Craig Holliday is both a Nondual teacher and Licensed Professional Counselor, offering Nondual Therapy and Meditation workshops, retreats and Satsang. His work is dedicated to the discovery of our innate Divinity through embracing our Humanity. He works in a way that addresses our everyday suffering as a doorway to our inherent freedom. He meets with individuals in Durango, Colorado and from around the world on Skype.

The Gift Of Suffering – Podcast with Craig Holliday and The Thought Hackers
Craig was featured on the popular podcast “The Thought Hackers” where he deeply investigated the purpose of suffering and how we can use the experience of suffering as a catalyst to propel us into greater dimensions of true spiritual awakening. Join us for this profound investigation into a subject which most individuals avoid.