Along the spiritual path it is common to experience spiritual energies within the body.  Most experiences are simply gentle invitations to open to greater worlds within oneself. Energetic awakenings occur when an aspect of your True Nature becomes aware of Itself. However, not all energies are Kundalini.  So it is important to discern the subtle energies which are common along the path verses kundalini energies which are much more dramatic and require support:

Kundalini energy is a very specific evolutionary energy which has its root at the base of the spine. While rare, Kundalini is the by far the most dramatic, and least understood of energies. Kundalini awakening symptoms can cause anxiety, depression, disorientation, dissociation, brain fog, dizziness, panic attacks, heat along the spine, and be traumatic or blissful for the individual experiencing the awakening.  If you think that you are experiencing a Kundalini awakening,  read through my Kundalini Symptoms and Self-Care webpage. Also know that it is important to have a qualified teacher, therapist or counselor and support system in place to help guide you through the process.

Grace is energy that descends into the aspirant from above.  Grace energy is often experienced as the Divine coming into your form.

Prana is simply the energy of aliveness felt within oneself.

Chakra centers are energy centers along the spine. There are 7 main Chakra centers, but also hundreds of smaller chakra centers within oneself.

I work very specifically with each of these energies and consider them all to be quite unique. Each has its own purpose and Intelligence.  While most individuals simply refer to all energy experiences as Kundalini or Grace, this generic understanding does not do justice to the wide array of Divine energies and realms available to us all.  For decades I apprenticed with a master teacher, learning about and integrating these energies within my own self. I have since worked with thousands of students who have experienced subtle to dramatic energetic awakenings. Read through the information on the webpages in the menu displayed, and if you need more individual support with your own Kundalini Awakening or activation, or other energetic experiences, book an online Skype session with me.