If you are experiencing difficulties with Kundalini activation and/or spontaneous awakening, first and foremost I recommend that you to find a qualified kundalini therapist or counselor to work with such as myself. If you are able to, I encourage you to schedule an online therapy/support session with me for deeper and specific guidance about your particular experiences and challenges. Each person’s energetic and spiritual or nondual awakening process is unique and requires tailored support if you truly want to awaken and help with the energetic processes that are unfolding within you. I cannot overstate the value of having tailored support specific to your own experience. Without the support of my teachers, I surely would have spent decades overwhelmed by my own spontaneous kundalini awakening, lost in pain and confusion.

Kundalini Symptoms

Common Kundalini Symptoms: being overwhelmed by energy, intense energy in the spine, pressure in back or chakra centers, massive pressure in head, heart belly. Feeling incredible bliss, happiness or joy, benevolent experiences, heavenly feelings or experiences, disorientation in the sense of self or identity, feeling as if the ground is falling out from under you, feelings of expansiveness, cosmic consciousness, transcendent consciousness.

Emotional Symptoms: overwhelming anxiety (which is really energy simply wanting to move), depression (which is often unconscious resistance to the energy, or fear of this energy or confusion about this energy—remember this energy is Divine, but the ego often interprets it as a form of outside victimization), you may feel as if repressed emotions are releasing out of your chakra centers. This may come with tears, or laughter, or anger… often if you allow these emotions to move and release you will feel lighter and more spacious inside.

Neurological Symptoms and Disorders: seizure-like symptoms, temporarily losing the ability to walk, talk, or uncontrollable hand movements/kriyas, spine arching or moving like a snake, loss of memory, dyslexia, intense pain in back, neck, head or spine. Ringing in the ear. Headaches, migraines.

Mental Symptoms and Disorders: brain fog, trouble thinking, racing thoughts, uncontrollable thoughts, emotional disorders (uncontrollable anger, sadness or rage, irritability, agitation, bipolar tendencies, mental illness, intense confusion in the mind, psychotic or psychic experiences (don’t get lost in these or become attached to these).

Kundalini Self Care Basic Guide

Be sure to see a holistic doctor first and rule out any mental illness or neurological issues. The first question is to find out if there is anything physically wrong with your body. Unfortunately, most doctors have no understanding of spiritual experiences and will often interpret them as a mental illness. You must be very grounded to navigate through this conversation so that you are not misdiagnosed and put on unnecessary medications. After ruling out any true mental illness or neurological issues, if you are struggling with intense or dramatic energy in your body I can offer you some basic guidance.

If you are doing any form of kundalini yoga practices, I encourage you to stop, especially practices with breathing exercises that will further excite the energy within you. Shift your focus from the energy active within you instead to the space in which the energy is arising. Kundalini energy has its own Intelligence and it will go where it needs to. Do not try to guide it or manipulate it; remember it knows better than you. Also, this will be challenging but don’t overly focus on the energy or become enamored by it. Even though this experience will probably be the most amazing and possibly the most difficult experience of your life, don’t give it “too much attention”. Relax, relax, relax and investigate your experience.

Relaxation and discovering the Space of Awareness is Key
When you are overwhelmed by Kundalini energy, the most important thing you can do is to relax and notice the quiet stillness of your awareness that is here all the time beyond all experiences.  When you discover the peace and freedom inherent in the natural space of awareness, you will have a place to truly rest and heal. You will be able to then work with your experience in a grounded, and sane zen-like way. To discover this natural space of awareness: take some full deep belly breaths, nice and slow. Move your attention around to different parts of your body and notice that the sensations are something that you are aware of, and not what you actually are. Take your time. Shift your attention to notice what is aware of the sensations in your body. What feels these sensations? Rest into the quiet, still space of awareness that all of the sensations are occurring in. Identify with that quiet, still awareness as yourself and allow all energies and experiences to unfold within you. If you do this, you will open up into a world of freedom, clarity, and peace from which true healing can begin. If,however, you remain rigidly focused and contracted on the movements of energy within you, then you will most likely become even more overwhelmed, confused, deluded and create more suffering for yourself.

Physical Exercise and Gentle Yoga
Exercise and yoga can be supportive, yet do not do anything to excite the energy. Some light gentle Hatha yoga is helpful, although intense yoga practices can excite the energies within and cause a lot of problems and is not advised. It is important to have a limber, healthy and well-functioning body. When you do, the energy can flow through you much more easily. If your body is tight and tense and your psychology is anxious, overwhelmed, angry or neurotic, then the energy will have a difficult time flowing. Gentle yoga, exercise, and therapy can be extremely helpful in releasing pain and emotional blockages from the past by helping the body become more limber, fluid and flexible. Your body then becomes a fit instrument for the kundalini to flow freely through.

Being outside and walking in nature is very healing and grounding. Go on walks in parks or by the ocean, lay in the grass, spend some time being quiet and don’t be afraid of the energy or try to control it. Just relax and notice the energy in your body and do your best to let go and allow whatever is happening to happen.

If your body is contorting, and displaying kriyas or spontaneous yogic asanas, I would advise you to stay inside so that you do not bring attention to yourself (or get taken away to a mental institution.) If the energy is too much, notice the vastness of the sky and try to identify with the vastness of the sky and allow whatever experience you are having to spread out into the vastness of the sky. These kriyas can be confusing and disorienting but are very normal for someone experiencing kundalini awakening.  Often they are simply energy unraveling in a systematic way. Sometimes these kriyas are related to stuck energy in the body, or energy releasing very quickly. The experience of anxiety or blockages or pain will one day pass, this may take a day, a month or many years. Whatever is within you that you may view as a “blockage” love it fully, accept it fully, and love it fully and love it fully, unconditionally totally without reservation. Relax and breathe.

Compassion is the key to releasing emotional blockages. The quicker you can relax and develop a friendly attitude and unconditional love with pain and discomfort the sooner you will find that pain is not pain, but simply energy from the past stuck in your being.

Working With the Mind
The sooner you discover that you do not have to believe the thoughts in your mind, the sooner you will be happy and free, despite whatever thoughts come and go within the space of your consciousness. Relax, relax, relax and notice that there is a quiet presence here witnessing it all. Give yourself permission to identify fully as the space of awareness; this is the key to inner freedom. I encourage to you engage in healing on all levels of being: mental, emotional, physical, family of origin, inner child, shadow work, and spiritual integration. Remember that every aspect of life is connected. Kundalini awakening will not solve all of your problems, but rather will show you where your energy is blocked and where you need to do your work. Kundalini energy may heal many things within you, but it will also ask you to come forward and actively join in the healing process with all aspects of your humanity.

A daily gentle meditation practice is recommended. Meditate on the vast quiet spaciousness of awareness, notice that the quiet vast spacious presence is here all the time. Notice that the one noticing It, is the vast spacious presence. That is you! When your mind says this Kundalini experience is too much, too overwhelming, too much energy! just relax and watch the energy unravel within the quiet spacious awareness that you are.

Notice that if you meditate exclusively on the kundalini energy (and not on the space of awareness) it will intensify. If you are already overwhelmed by this energy, meditating on the kundalini energy will not be helpful. Many students have tried to push through the energy or force it; this is not recommended and can lead to many difficulties. If you feel intuitively drawn to meditate upon the energy, do so in a light and gentle open-hearted way. Connect first with the space of awareness and the awareness of the heart, and from this space, gently open to the kundalini energy. Feel into the spaciousness and peacefulness and clarity of your being, and simultaneously gently experience the energy moving through your body. Open to it. Surrender to it. Allow it to lead the way.

May Peace be with you, and yes I understand that from the human perspective this experience is totally overwhelming and can turn your life upside down. Do your best to show up for life, don’t quit your job or end your marriage. Relax, hang in there, don’t believe what you think, you won’t die from this experience; it is simply an experience that will one day even out and be experienced as tremendous bliss. From the perspective of your soul or Divinity, You are again being taught that life is Divine and that you are not in charge. Relax… and don’t forget to enjoy the ride.

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