Kundalini therapy or support sessions with Craig are an opportunity for you to complete the kundalini awakening process in a grounded and healing way. During each session, we will examine where it is that you struggle with Kundalini energy and how you can begin to shift from internally resisting this energy to working with It in healing alignment.

In an open-hearted and empowered way, together we will examine how unconscious emotional blockages and belief systems within are actually blocking the energy from it’s natural flow. With the onset of Kundalini rising within you, these blockages often can cause the experiences of anxiety, depression, disorientation, dissociation, fear, anger, sadness or feelings of intense pressure in the head, chest, abdomen, or pelvis.

It is first through learning to become grounded and discovering a deep sense of peace and clarity, that you are able to begin to learn to work with these enormously powerful energies. Within a grounded and peaceful space, we work together to compassionately embrace the unconscious belief systems and emotional blockages within, helping them to release. Once these chakra centers begin to open and release the stuck egoic energy of the past, the Kundalini energy can begin to flow up the spine and through the centers unencumbered. When the energy is flowing smoothly, many of the painful or difficult symptoms and experiences associated with kundalini awakening or kundalini activation will begin to disappear.

This process of healing and transformation, although simple in theory, is rarely smooth. The journey is often quite messy, disorienting, confusing and anxiety-ridden. It is extremely helpful to have a very qualified spiritual teacher and kundalini therapist (or kundalini counselor or kundalini guide) to help guide you through the process. Most individuals who are experiencing intense kundalini need to have a qualified team consisting of a spiritual teacher, kundalini counselor or kundalini therapist, and a bodyworker to provide support along the way. Unfortunately, more often than not, most individuals who teach kundalini yoga, or who claim they know how to work with kundalini energy often do not actually know how to work with these intense and dramatic energies because they have not truly been through the full transformational process themselves. Although many well-intentioned teachers and therapists will try to help, they often simply excite the energy, causing you more problems and discomfort.

From my own spontaneous kundalini awakening and subsequent extensive work and apprenticeship with my teachers Adyashanti, David Pz., Matt Kahn and many other great teachers from both India and the West, I am highly trained in working with these energies in the most helpful and supportive way. For over 10 years I have offered professional spiritual teaching and kundalini support to thousands of individuals offering healing, relief, and support for their humanity and awakening Divinity. Here you can find professional and experienced support and begin to experience your profound awakening in a grounded and integrated way. Click on the button below to book a Skype session with me to help you through your own Kundalini and energetic awakening experiences. If you have any questions, send a message on this page.