Nondual Therapy is a direct path to support Spiritual Awakening — awakening to our full essential nature and to embodying this nature in our everyday lives. It offers support pre- and post-awakening guidance through the many levels of Nondual Awakening (including Kundalini).

Nondual Therapy is an examination of both our Beauty and our shadow (the aspects of our egoic nature where we still struggle. It provides the support to first discover our innate Goodness, Beauty, and Radiance at the core of our being, and secondly to investigate the places within where we are suffering.  Through this work, we compassionately choose to walk towards disharmony and division within ourselves, in order to create clarity, healing and integrity/integration within ourselves.  Through this work of embracing our shadow, we are able to more powerfully manifest our True Nature in our everyday lives.

This therapy is a powerful form of therapy based on the wisdom of Nonduality teachings and mindfulness-based therapy techniques. It is an invitation to awaken to the Truth of your being, building on your inherent strengths and qualities of your True Nature. Through this work, we are invited to deeply embrace our shadow with compassion, which will empower us to meet the world from a deeper and more authentic place.

  • Discover your True Self/Awaken beyond your egoic nature and embody this nature in your everyday life
  • Support pre- and post-nondual awakening
  • Kundalini support
  • Support integrating/healing shadow aspects and embodiment.
  • Develop greater meaning and depth in your personal life and relationships
  • Meet life with awareness and mindfulness
  • Release pain and trauma from the past which contribute to unhealthy patterns in the present
  • Experience a deeper connection with your authentic self and in relationships
  • Develop communication skills to enhance relationships
  • Investigate the patterns and beliefs that get in the way of living the life you want

Whether you are struggling with some aspect of spiritual awakening and embodiment or suffering in relationship to your work, partner, or in another area of your life, this approach will root you in your True sense of self, which generates Peace and understanding.  From this place, you engage life honestly and have an expanded feeling of choice and possibility.  Nondual therapy supports you in Awakening a deeper awareness that will begin to radically change the way you see and experience life; in a practical way, this will allow you to experience the innate Goodness of Life and reduce stress in situations that are arising as challenges in your life.

Craig meets with individuals who come from all walks of life; from spiritual seekers, to college students, to parents, to professionals, to corporate individuals, and monks and nuns.  You are invited to take the next step in living a more authentic life by scheduling a session with Craig on Skype video.