If you have a sincere desire to host Craig for satsang, retreat, or a teaching event in your area, please email him at craigholliday@gmail.com.

Upcoming Events:

Awakening the True Heart of Nature July 16-21, 2023, Kripalu Yoga Center, nondual meditation residential retreat: Through Satsang, meditation periods, and inquiry into the depth of awakened experience, you will have the opportunity to explore the Vast Heart of Freedom—a place of great love, compassion, and bliss. From this space of true nature, the heart will naturally release and heal old wounds and trauma. Letting go, surrender, and forgiveness arise with ease as you open to the depth and beauty of your true divine nature. You will discover how the heart is something much greater than a storehouse of emotions. It is the seat of the soul—of your deepest divine self—and uncontainable in its nature. The only way to discover this boundless joy is to dive deeply into the heart and give it your full attention. This retreat will be a precious opportunity to both heal and awaken to your deeper divine presence and into the direct experience of a love which has no end. Come with with an open heart, and explore what you are beyond your limited egoic nature. Visit Kripalu for registration and more details.

Online Satsang every Sunday 7:00 pm Mountain time zone: Join Craig for Online Satsang each Sunday evening on Facebook and on Zoom video (simultaneously). Click here for instructions to join.

Kundalini Online Support Group every Wednesday 10:00 am Mountain time zone: This new Kundalini Support Group with Craig Holliday is open to anyone who is experiencing difficulties associated with Kundalini energy, activation, and awakening. Click for full details and registration.

Meditation Group every Wednesday 7:00 pm Mountain time zone: Take a peaceful hour out of your busy week with Craig and the sangha to connect with your innate Divine Nature. A small donation is required to register for each meeting. Click here for more info and to register.