If you have a sincere desire to host Craig for satsang, retreat, or a teaching event in your area, please email him at craigholliday@gmail.com.

Upcoming Events:

Weekend Online Retreat September 2-4, 2022: Join us this September 2-4 for an Online Meditation Retreat as we explore Awakening to True Nature. During each meeting, Craig will offer guided meditation, teaching, and inquiry. As a sangha, we will be met by the energies of Grace. Grace will pour down into the room and flood us with the unique energies of Awakening. Craig will guide us to open further to our Divine Presence and receive the energies of Grace and Transmission to heal and remove pain or shadow or confusion in our nervous system, which veils our True Nature. The invitation of retreat is for us to truly embody our Divine Nature, free from ego—free from confusion, desire, addiction, and habit. Each session is unique and together we are guided into greater states of consciousness and freedom. Click for full details and registration.

Online Satsang every Sunday 8:00 pm ET: Join Craig for Online Satsang each Sunday evening on Facebook and on Zoom video (simultaneously). Click here for instructions to join.

Kundalini Online Support Group every Wednesday 2:00 pm ET: This new Kundalini Support Group with Craig Holliday is open to anyone who is experiencing difficulties associated with Kundalini energy, activation, and awakening. Click for full details and registration.

Meditation Group every Wednesday 8:00 pm ET: Take a peaceful hour out of your busy week with Craig and the sangha to connect with your innate Divine Nature. A small donation is required to register for each meeting. Click here for more info and to register.