While Craig’s professional therapy and counseling services are in high demand, he does make time each month for new clients and students who are sincere and ready to make significant and meaningful change in their lives.

The session prices below apply to all methods of professional support offered: Nondual & Spiritual Awakening Therapy & Support, Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy and Kundalini Therapy and Support. All sessions are held online using Skype or Zoom video conferencing.

Online Video Session Options & Pricing

  • 60 minute session: $165
  • 75 minute session: $200
  • 5 session package (60 minutes each): $675

Technical Information for Online Skype or Zoom Video Sessions
Please review the list below to have the best possible online meeting experience.

  • Be sure to enter in your Skype username when booking your session if that is how you want to connect. If you forget to do so, be sure to email Craig at craigholliday@gmail.com and tell him your Skype name and what time zone you are in.
  • If you prefer to use Zoom, simply enter “Zoom” in for your Skype name. Craig will send you an email with the Zoom link on the day of your session.
  • It is important to have a high-speed internet connection and be familiar with Skype or Zoom video conferencing software.
  • It is also very important to have a quiet place to talk with Craig freely and relaxed, such as an office or a bedroom.
  • Check that your internet connection is excellent. Often this means plugging your ethernet cable directly into your modem/router, instead of using the wireless network.
  • If the wireless network is used instead of the direct cable connection, make sure no one else is streaming video on the network at the same time of our meeting.