Therapy can be seen as doing the work of closing the gap between our humanity and our Divinity. This work is a direct path to Nondual & Spiritual Awakening… awakening to our full essential nature and embodying this nature in our everyday lives.

Therapy is an examination of both our Beauty and our Shadow (the aspects of our egoic nature where we still struggle). It provides the support to first discover our innate Goodness, Beauty, and Radiance at the core of our being, and second to investigate the places within where we are suffering.  Through this work, we compassionately choose to walk towards disharmony and division within ourselves, in order to create clarity, healing and integrity/integration within ourselves.  Through this work of embracing our shadow, we are able to more powerfully manifest our True Nature in our everyday lives.

Tenets of Nondual & Spiritual Therapy:

  • All Beings are Divine in their Essence, the Human and Divine are one. Suffering is a doorway to both freedom and embodiment.
  • Our nature is vast, Luminous, Spacious Emptiness as well as individual consciousness, both form and formless.
  • Life/God/Evolution draws out our shadow to be healed and transformed.
  • Through embracing the shadow we discover its opposite.
  • Through embracing pain, we become free of suffering. Through embracing sadness, we discover Compassion. Through embracing Anger, we discover our power. Through embracing arrogance we discover humility.
  • Ego is both a defense mechanism and organizing force.  When whole and healthy it is an ally, when hurt, wounded, or confused it becomes a destructive force.
  • Healing our egoic nature creates harmony within and a vehicle for our awakened nature.
  • Healing comes through Clarity of Being, Embracing the shadow and taking full Responsibility for our lives, and our suffering.
  • There are three main stages of awakening (Mind, Heart, and Hara) and countless layers of further awakening.
  • Transcendent freedom is found in the space beyond mind. Manifest freedom is found through a total embrace of one’s humanity and this world. The freedom of “no self” is an impersonal movement by which God’s will lives through you as You.
  • We are one with the Transcendent, one with the Manifest World, & one with Evolution.
  • Growth is infinite – Awakening is infinite.

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