“The spiritual path can be summed up in one movement: from darkness toward the light, from unconsciousness to a greater Consciousness. This movement encompasses the transition from experiencing ourselves as fear-based human animals to the direct recognition that we are Divine beings whose expression is Love, Truth, and Beauty in the world. This path is an ongoing evolution from being narrow-minded and self-centered toward a greater continuously expanding openness and inclusion of every aspect of life. This spiritual path is not simply about being open and compassionate when we are practicing yoga or meditation. It is the total embrace of ourselves—the good, the bad and the ugly—as well as the total embrace of life in all Her manifestations. It is through this path that we discover a complete non-division within ourselves so thorough, that we become fully and incomprehensibly one with the Divine.”

Drawing from down-to-earth examples from everyday life, Craig offers a synthesis of nondual wisdom and modern psychology in Yoga of Liberation. How can we awaken from the pain of our own egoic confusion and live a life free from unnecessary confusion and suffering? How do we both heal and awaken to the fullness of our Divine Presence? Within each chapter, simple but powerful practices for spiritual awakening, embodiment, healing, and true lasting transformation are revealed.

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