October 26, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm
Dolce Hayes Mansion, San Juan Bautista
200 Edenvale Ave. San Jose
CA 95136

Speaking Event by Craig Holliday at the Science and Nonduality Conference, San Jose

Strong Back, Open Heart: A Path of Embodiment of the Divine Masculine and Feminine

Conventional Reality sees separation as fundamentally inherent, our self as distinct from all other aspects of existence and from the source and origin of existence itself. In Nondual Consciousness there is no absolute separation. Existence and nonexistence are undivided. Nondual is beyond and inclusive of unity and uniqueness. In this pioneering age of the Awakening of Nondual Consciousness, it is important to discriminate and to include the core aspects of its embodied life expression. That is, to remove the bathwater, but to include all the facets of the baby’s essence. After meeting with over 10,000 individuals in the intimate setting of personal nondual psychotherapy sessions and in small groups, it has become dramatically apparent that there is a need for the realization of both the strength and clarity of our masculine nature and the balance of our heart-centered compassionate feminine qualities for a healthy integration in the human psyche. It is through both these qualities of our True Nature that we are able to live in a way which is not confused by the play of life, and simultaneously, willing to compassionately embrace our humanity and evolving edge. We must be willing to let go of an “either or” approach and instead adopt a “both and” approach to our spiritual lives. This all begins by first acknowledging that the masculine and feminine aspects of God are available to us all and that they are the very building blocks of our own Divine Nature. What does this look like in a practical everyday reality? It is the willingness to face everything, with a strong back, an unwavering clear mind rooted in reality and the strength to handle the storms of life’s confusion with an absolute love and compassion.