Craig Holliday Sunday Online Satsang Join Nondual Teacher and Therapist Craig Holliday every Sunday evening for an examination of what it means to be both free and human. Most of our lives we struggle with our human nature and seek to live from our Divine Nature. But was our human nature not a creation of the Divine? If so, how could our lives change if we choose to honor both, our Divinity and our humanity? What if instead of continually trying to fix or get rid of our humanity, we embraced it with love, how might our lives change? It is this examination of what we truly and fully are that has the power to awaken us to a vibrant and integrated way of being. Join us for a short meditation, and Satsang exploring these questions and more.

Satsang is held every Sunday evening  at 6 pm Pacific / 7 pm Mountain / 8 pm Central / 9 pm Eastern time zone

If you have a question or topic for Satsang you would like to investigate about our humanity, spiritual awakening, meditation, nonduality, etc. and how this relates to being free in the world,  email Craig directly at remember to keep your questions as brief and clear as possible. It is a great spiritual practice to take the time to distill down your thoughts into a short, clear question.

Online Satsang is hosted by the Awakening Together Sanctuary, and is open to all.  In the Spirit of the Dharma, this Satsang is offered free of charge. Donations are greatly appreciated and helpful to support Craig in his work and make these offerings possible. Suggested donation amount is $10.00. To donate using PayPal/credit card click here or you can mail a check to:

Craig Holliday
230 E. College Dr.
Durango, CO 81301 USA

Two Ways to Attend Sunday Satsang

  1. Craig broadcasts satsang with live on Facebook (audio & video). To attend, click on the button link below to go to the Facebook page at the scheduled time.

  2. You can also attend satsang with Craig live (audio only) and interact with him through text chat via Zoom video meeting at the Awakening Together Sanctuary. Simply join by clicking on the button below at the scheduled time.

Previous Satsang Recordings

After the meeting (within a day or two), the MP3 audio recording of it will be posted on the MP3 Downloads webpage. The video will be on Craig’s Facebook Page. The video may also be posted on Craig’s YouTube page – links to all of these will be on the MP3 Downloads webpage.

You can access the audio-only recordings also from 9/3/17 – 11/4/18 on the Awakening Together Sanctuary website at this link, and the link to their own YouTube channel playlist that contains the satsang videos.