Craig will be featured as a teacher during the Kundalini Summit online starting March 1. It is free 🙂 During the summit, the hostess Ingrid Niedermayr talks in 23 video interviews with masters from different spiritual fields about kundalini, the force of life, chi.

Kundalini is a very intense and dynamic energy which arises from the base of the spine.  If and when this energy does awaken along the path it can cause a variety of difficulties in the individual. Although ultimately this is a movement of Divine Intelligence, the awakening of this energy can be seen as both a blessing and curse, because of the intensity of experience which may follow.  While some individuals only notice a light and gentle movement of energy up the spine, others experience dramatic energies and profound awakenings, along with an array of bizarre symptoms and disorienting experiences, until this energy finally integrates. This process of integration can occur within the context of a few hours or decades, depending upon the extent and intensity of awakening.

For the past 10 years, Craig has offered support to thousands of individuals from around the world, who have experienced some level of kundalini awakening. With compassion and grace, he guides individuals through the processes of healing and integration, so that these energies can move through us in a smooth and stable manner. It is through this process of healing and integration, that we discover the true purpose of this awakening within us. Instead of asking what can this energy do for us or how can I get rid of this energy (which is impossible), we are invited to ask, how may I serve this movement of Grace in the world. From this space of humility, we open into a non-separate relationship with the Divine.

Beyond speaking about kundalini, Craig offers instructions on Yoga, nondual meditation, and for opening and healing the heart, through surrendering oneself to a movement of Divine Intelligence. Craig’s teachers have included Adyashanti, A. H. Almaas, Gangaji, Caroline Myss, Lama Tsultrim, and Eckhart Tolle; his major influences include Christ, Sri Aurobindo and the Buddha.

Craig offers Skype sessions, retreats and workshops and meets with individuals from around the world who have a sincere desire to awaken out of our painful egoic existence and into this Beauty that we always already are. Craig began teaching after a series of profound awakenings with his teacher Adyashanti. Craig works as a kundalini counselor, kundalini therapist, kundalini support person, and kundalini teacher. To meet with him on Skype, click the button below.

Kundalini Self Care is necessary for the individual in the process of kundalini awakening.  When we know how to work with our experience, we experience bliss and freedom.  Yet if we do not know how to work with these powerful energies of awakening, we can experience great pain and confusion.  Being able to relax, discover a deep sense of peace and well being are crucial for your journey forward.  

Click here for detailed instructions on meditation, yoga, grounding, and working with difficult energies.

Kundalini Symptoms
As always be wise, see a doctor to determine if your symptoms are related to a physical or mental health disorder first, before self-diagnosis and creating more pain for oneself.

Common Kundalini Symptoms: being overwhelmed by energy, intense energy in the spine, pressure in back or chakra centers, massive pressure in head, heart belly. Feeling incredible bliss, happiness or joy, benevolent experiences, heavenly feelings or experiences, disorientation in the sense of self or identity, feeling as if the ground is falling out from under you, feelings of expansiveness, cosmic consciousness, transcendent consciousness.

Emotional symptoms: overwhelming anxiety (which is really energy simply wanting to move), depression (which is often unconscious resistance to the energy, or fear of this energy or confusion about this energy—remember this energy is Divine, but the ego often interprets it as a form of outside victimization), you may feel as if repressed emotions are releasing out of your chakra centers. This may come with tears, or laughter, or anger… often if you allow these emotions to move and release you will feel lighter and more spacious inside.

Neurological Symptoms and Disorders: seizure-like symptoms, temporarily losing the ability to walk, talk, or uncontrollable hand movements/kriyas, spine arching or moving like a snake, loss of memory, dyslexia, intense pain in back, neck, head or spine. Ringing in the ear. Headaches, migraines.

Mental Symptoms and Disorders: brain fog, trouble thinking, racing thoughts, uncontrollable thoughts, emotional disorders (uncontrollable anger, sadness or rage, irritability, agitation, bipolar tendencies, mental illness, intense confusion in the mind, psychotic or psychic experiences (don’t get lost in these or become attached to these).

Meet with a team: a competent teacher, healer, therapist, chiropractor, physician, and body worker. Do light gentle yoga, engage in healing on all levels of being, mental, emotional, physical, family of origin, inner child, shadow work, and spiritual integration. Remember every aspect of life is connected. Kundalini will not solve all of your problems, but rather will bring an awareness to you of where your energy is blocked and where you need to do your work. It may heal many things within you, but with many more aspects of your humanity will it ask you to come forward and actively join in the healing process.

Kundalini Questions and Answers: Each week Craig receives too many emails to respond to them all, but here is a list of some common questions.  If you are actively meeting with Craig via Skype or are a formal student, Craig will do his best to respond to emailed questions.  Please check here first, to see if your question has already been answered.

Kundalini Therapy: Craig offers Kundalini therapy for those struggling with Kundalini symptoms or disorders, and for those who sincerely desire to awaken on the path of Kundalini yoga.  Because of the powerful nature of Kundalini energy, it is helpful to have a clear guide and support system along the way.  With the support of a qualified teacher, it is easy to become overwhelmed by these energies or stranded along the way.

Kundalini Self Care is necessary for the individual in the process of kundalini awakening.  When we know how to work with our experience, we experience bliss and freedom.  Yet if we do not know how to work with these powerful energies of awakening, we can experience great pain and confusion.