2019 is just around the corner… what do you choose?

As 2018 comes to an end, it is a great time for us to ask ourselves some direct and clear questions to help renew and align us on our path:

  1. Am I serious about my spiritual path?
  2. Am I willing to give up everything which does not serve me?
  3. Do I want a new, deeper, more authentic and loving life?

If your answers to those questions are a resounding YES, then you must jump in fully with your practice and leave no stone unturned.

When I was about 20 years old, I had met my teacher and was spending a great deal of time with him, and had committed myself to this path for life. Yet one day, after work I came home and found a beautiful girl at my house. She was a friend of my roommate and simply passing through town on her way to San Diego. We hit it off and she invited me to come visit her in San Diego for spring break and so I did. After a few hours in San Diego, I fell deeply in love with her (and San Diego!) She lived in a little house right on the boardwalk and asked me to stay with her. I was in love with her and the environment, and not terribly excited to go home and shovel snow and work in the cold with my teacher.

But I stopped and I looked deeply at the trajectory of my life and the choices I had before me: I could chase the dream of romance and living near a warm beach, or I could follow the truth of my heart and stay with my teacher and remain dedicated to my daily practices.

I enjoyed the rest of my short vacation with that beautiful girl near the warm ocean, but in my heart I knew without any doubt where my true home was; I was truly blessed to have a Master Teacher in my life and I was not going to let go of that relationship.

The spiritual path is made up of a million and one choices: Am I going to sleep in, or am I going to meditate? Am I going to watch more Netflix, or get off my butt and do some yoga? Am I going to be kind to my ex-husband or continue to despise him and argue about finances?

If we are serious about waking up in this lifetime, we will actively steer our lives in alignment with a greater Truth. We will steer our lives in alignment with more love, more peace, more meditation, yoga, personal work, retreat time, silence and shadow work. In short, regarding the myriad of choices we make each day, we will choose that which is higher — that which is aligned with a greater life.

And if we don’t care deeply about the spiritual path and fully devote ourselves to it, we will simply repeat the past and see what happens with our life.

For those who are asking for a greater life, we must commit to this path and make higher choices. With the new year upon us, this is a great time to examine what to let go of and what we need more of. Most of us could benefit from a deeper, fuller, inclusive and more consistent spiritual practice. For the year 2019, I encourage you to give yourself fully to whatever your primary spiritual practice may be, whether it is meditation, yoga, prayer, compassionate action, healing work, dharma study, etc.  JUMP FULLY ONTO YOUR PATH!

I always recommend an integral/holistic practice on the path that embraces all areas of life: meditation, yoga, retreat time, inquiry, shadow work, individual work, and relationship work. Being human is complicated. If we want to be awake in the world, we must practice awakening in all areas of life—not just on the cushion, but everywhere.

Here are some tips for Jumping Fully into life – your Spiritual Practice & Path:

  1. Yoga and meditation every single day. Energize your practice by waking up your subtle energy body first with yoga practice and then meditate afterwards. Notice how full your meditations are after the body is woken up through yoga.
  2. Love yourself. Love your beauty, your absolute Divinity and your shadow. Look in the mirror and smile at both your Divinity and your humanity. Feel into your body and reconnect with your innate goodness.
  3. Let go of any dead weight. Ask yourself, is there anyone in my life I need to forgive? Do I need to give myself permission to feel the feelings of anger, sadness or heartache first, in order to forgive? Do what you need to do to find forgiveness in your heart.
  4. If you are feeling disconnected from the sangha then tune in Sunday nights and join us for Sunday Online Satsang. You can now participate using Zoom through the Awakening Together Sanctuary or livestream on my Facebook page. Offer a question during satsang and I will provide you with the support you need.
  5. Inquire into anything that is holding you back. Set the intention to overcome this with Love… kill it with kindness! You can overcome any obstacle with gentle yet persistent discipline and love.
  6. Know that you are Divine, and commit yourself to the Light each day!
  7. Practice awakening everywhere – on the cushion and throughout your daily life. Your Life is the Spiritual Path.
  8. Commit to having an consistent and daily Integral Practice involving meditation, yoga, retreat time, inquiry, shadow work, individual work, relationship work, etc.