Craig with Thomas Hübl at SAND 18

I am just returning from teaching at this years Science and Nonduality Conference on the west coast and the Victory of Light festival in Cincinnati. The SAND conference is one of my years great highlights. At the conferences I had so many wonderful meetings with fellow teachers and individuals along this path. I was truly happy to meet Thomas Hübl along with so many others doing great work in the world. Thomas and I spoke about the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the intersection of evolution and spiritual awakening. We both teach in a way that includes all levels and aspects of life. A truly integral teaching is one that includes family, career, psychology, healing, integration, along with the shadow and our highest Divinity. It is through a fully inclusive and integral yoga that the potential for a mental, emotional, physical, and cultural awakening can occur. If and when we include every aspect of life here on planet Earth, then the transformation that humanity truly desires can give birth. One of the aspects of Thomas’ teaching that I resonated with the most, is that he also, saw the profound importance of trauma work. If we do not address the trauma we experience in our bodies, then this awakened potential will be forever veiled. It takes a great willingness and strength to understand, that it is through embracing pain, that we discover true love and freedom.

At the conference I roomed with the fabulous Rick Archer from Buddha at the Gas Pump and because of his celebrity status at SAND, was continually meeting with so many interesting teachers and thought leaders within the field of modern nonduality. It was Rick who last year introduced me to Goddess Jac O’Keeffe and the three of us formed the Association of Professional Spiritual Teachers (APST) this past year.

Craig, Jac O’Keeffe and Rick Archer at SAND in San Jose, CA October 2018

I gave two talks at SAND: the first talk was “Strong Back and Open Heart”, and then I was part of a panel discussion on Ethics with Rick Archer and Jac O’Keeffe where we spoke about the continual need for teachers cultivating integrity and ethics. Both events were well received and it was heartwarming to witness how the audience was ready and willing to embrace both our highest Divinity as well as our evolving edge. As humans it is easy to find ourselves lost or confused or struggling with pain here on planet Earth. When we are in pain we can attach to the pain and an egoic way of being and suffer—or we can attach ourselves to the dharma, and the movement of our heart wisdom and begin walking in the direction of healing and true freedom.

During the entire SAND conference I was touched by the outpouring of support for the launch of the Association of Professional Spiritual Teachers. After a year of hard work with Jac and Rick and the team at the APST, we have been so pleased to have created a supportive space for teachers to begin to examine a greater professionalism and accountability in the wild west of modern day spirituality. Soon the video of the Ethics panel discussion will be publish and I will share it with you!

The Dharma teaches us that we must always both be loving and strong on the path. If we have one of these qualities without the other, this leads us to be too tight or too loose on the path. If we are too tight, we miss the openness and beauty of life, because we are hiding behind our defenses. Yet if we are too loose, we tend to become a doormat for others or have emotions which run us spinning in circles.


Craig with Peter Levine at SAND in San Jose, October 2018

Wherever I travel, I see this great need for us to step into our highest divinity and embrace our often confused, emotional nature. My teaching sessions at the Victory of Light festival in Cincinnati were no different. Many sincere individuals arrived at my talk not knowing what to expect at Satsang. But a few minutes into our meeting and I could see both tears of letting go and joy throughout the audience. I shared that: It is only when we learn to love both aspects of ourselves (the human and Divine) that we truly find peace and freedom in this world. This is a universal teaching. All of us need to discover the profound freedom, love and beauty of our true nature, and share this beauty with the aspects of ourselves which have been abandoned. This path starts with Love and ends with Love. All of humanity certainly could use more Love and compassion each day. We are at a time in history where true compassion has been greatly forgotten, but now is the time to rediscover how vast our hearts actually are, now is the time for us all to unite in Love and expel the forces of division.

If you feel called to join us more fully on this path of both love and strength, I encourage you to give of yourself more deeply this day to whatever life is bringing you to love. Ask yourself, can you step fully into your Divinity right now? Together let us offer this world a resounding Yes!

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I do look forward to connecting with you again in the Light!