Craig will be featured as a teacher during the online Kundalini Summit online starting March 1. It is free 🙂 During the summit, the hostess Ingrid Niedermayr talks in 23 video interviews with masters from different spiritual fields about kundalini, the force of life, chi.

During the Kundalini Summit, Craig has two interviews with Ingrid:

  1. The first one investigates the different stages of awakening; Head, heart, Hara and Kundalini and how each stage is a doorway to greater expressions of awakened consciousness.
  2. The second interview and teaching focuses more specifically on Kundalini-related questions; the different levels of Kundalini awakening, and how to open to and embrace Kundalini energy, bliss and Intelligence.

See the trailer videos below for both interviews:


The Kundalini Summit topics throughout will include:

  • How your sensitivity or body symptoms are connected with Kundalini
  • How Kundalini rising works
  • Which kind of abilities (siddhis) come with an active Kundalini & why siddhis can become a trap!
  • How to activate your creative and inexhaustible vitality
  • How Samadhi can come to you without any special effort with the help of Kundalini
  • How chakras really work and how to open to their intelligence
  • How Yoga and Kundalini are connected & which asanas release blocks and reactivate the energy flow
  • And most important of all: What is the cosmic reason for a Kundalini rising?