I receive this question all the time on how to heal emotional trauma, so I created a video that I hope you will find helpful. Read the steps below and then watch the video.

Steps to Healing Trauma:

  1. Find yourself a safe space or environment, and give yourself permission to fully stop and be with what’s here now.
  2. Working with your thoughts: step back into a mindful and compassionate space and simply observe your thoughts.
  3. Look, examine and inquire if what you are thinking is true, helpful, or healthy? Let go of thought and feel. Feel from the compassion, wisdom, and innocence of your own heart space.
  4. Feel, experience and let go.
  5. See that: I am OK. I am Good. I am Divine. I am a Buddha.


  • Know that you are safe.
  • Be patient, deal with a little at a time.
  • Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.
  • No Violent or Judgmental self talk. Don’t reinforce the wound.
  • Know that this is a process of nurturing yourself. It takes time.
  • Know that you are perfect in your true nature and that there is an orphaned aspect of your human consciousness wanting your love.

Reach through some Healing & Embodiment FAQs for more guidance on healing. See also this blog post on the Heart Chakra for more helpful guidance.

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