Mindfulness teaches us that we do not run from what is difficult in life. We turn around and face it in a fearless and nonjudgmental way. This is 100% different than how we humans normally face life. Our biology teaches us to seek pleasure and avoid pain. So it is a difficult task as a teacher and therapist to ask individuals to do the opposite of what we are wired to do. But we could ask ourselves, “How is life going?” If it were working, we would not be where we are today.    Mindfulness teaches us to step back and look at the situation from a broad perspective.    A perspective that is so broad that it sees clearly. And from this clarity, we actually get to choose how to respond. We could respond out of our past conditioning, habits, and inertia, or we could do something completely different. We could respond to our situation in a way that actually works. We can do something different, and respond from a place of Peace and Strength inside. If we respond from our own Peace and Strength, then we will probably have a radically different outcome. This is the power in Mindfulness.

But for us to get in touch with our own Strength and Peace, we have to be first willing to face what is happening. We have to be able to look at our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and patterns nonjudgmentally. We have to look at and feel all the painful places where we tense and hold tight, where we want to hide or ignore or run from. We need to be able to see these difficult parts of ourselves like a good mother or father sees a child in pain; with open arms and an open heart.