We have to know how to work with egoic deficiencies or we will be lost and painfully confused in life and make no progress on the spiritual path.  No amount of effort or mental understanding will heal the deep pain that most of us experience within ourselves.  Our personal egoic deficiencies must be loved to death, if we are going to heal.  If we truly want to make progress on the path, we have to discover the power of compassion. When we love ourselves fully, our natural Divine qualities of presence arise in a radical way and become our everyday experience of ourselves.   Yet if we unconsciously ignore our pain and the many psychological deficiencies within ourselves, then our suffering will continue.

For instance: many of us experience a great feeling of emptiness within ourselves.  It is quite common to feel a tremendous lack of self-worth or love in the center of the chest.   Yet through spiritual traditions, we are taught that we are Divine, that we are good and that our hearts are pure.   A mental knowledge that we are God does not help, if we do not truly experience this love that we are, in our hearts. If we are told we are Divine, yet experience great emptiness within, these teachings become meaningless or a hopeful dream that one day we will experience our True Nature.

If we feel a hole or deficiency within us, then the path to God is through loving our deficiency like we would love a crying child.  We hold ourselves and the very pain of the deficiency until we know that we are good, beautiful and safe.  As we do so, we discover that within the center of our chest is a Divine brilliance beyond measure.  We see that an innocent and wounded child had been occupying this space of our heart; but once that child is loved fully, she discovers that she is not a wounded child but a child of God with a heart of pure gold.   It is from this realization that our true brilliance naturally manifests as our very Presence.