Join Nondual Teacher and Therapist Craig Holliday for an investigation of how suffering is a doorway to spiritual awakening, at the Science and Nonduality Conference in San Jose California, October 19-22, 2017.

Suffering the Grand Gate of Integrated Awakening
Too often the role and purpose of suffering have been overlooked in most spiritual traditions. But suffering is not a force we can simply transcend or ignore, for suffering is a component of evolution and evolution is the nature of God. While the Buddha and many other great teachers taught there was a way to live free from unnecessary suffering, we cannot live without suffering. To deny suffering is to deny the dynamic quality of Divinity known as the force of evolution. Upon realizing this truth that we will never realistically escape suffering, we may ask ourselves, what then is the role of suffering?

Through the years there have been courageous individuals who have deeply investigated the experience of suffering and discovered within the pains and the wounds of the psyche there are precious seeds of Divinity. When we look deeply, we find seeds stored in every aspect of our humanity—even the very aspects of self which most spiritual traditions work to transcend or eradicate from our humanity. Within the very heart-wrenching experience of pain is a transformational doorway—a gate into a greater aspect of Divinity. Through the experience of anger, is the gate of Divine power, through the experience of sadness is the gate of compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love, through the experience heartbreak and insecurity is the gate of indestructibility and deathlessness. Everything in this realm is not only here to wake us up, but as a stepping stone into greater and greater ever expanding aspects of our Divinity. When we embrace this teaching, we are able to live fearlessly in the world, for we know that every aspect of our humanity, has both a seed of truth within it and a is a gate to a greater aspect of our True Nature.