On Sunday, March 10 at 11:30 am Pacific time, I had a conversation with Grace Bubeck at living-from-love.com on the topic of “Opening to the Shadow”.

This conversation will be an exploration of the shadow, which is a psychological force that veils our very own True Nature. It is through exploring the shadow, unearthing it and bringing it into the light which allows the healing of our old wounds and pain, while simultaneously bringing forth the direct experience of true nature into our daily life.

When we are on the spiritual path and we choose to ignore our shadow, we will often find ourselves repeatedly stumbling over our psychological nature… and this can hold us back from progressing for years, or even decades.

For example, if one tries to get rid of anger simply through meditation and transcending it, they may be able to experience great peace in meditation, yet in daily life still be haunted by the same unacknowledged anger. As one matures on the path, they will begin to realize that they aren’t actually progressing; they are simply employing yet another avoidance technique.

Within the shadow lies buried our pain, heartache, and disowned or forgotten aspects of Divinity. It is through the gate of darkness and facing everything that we begin to wake up in a truly embodied way. Nobody can simply transcend the shadow without grave repercussions. A truly awake being knows oneself fully; not just their absolute Divinity, but rather the fullness of what they are in form.

Join me for this conversation to explore the veil of shadow, spiritual bypassing, projection, and unveil that which is radiantly Divine within us all.