1. Letting go or Dissolving
  2. Healing
  3. Transforming

… and Mastering all three.

On the path most individuals focus on one of these three necessary forces. But to develop and mature along the path we must have mastery in all three areas:

  • Dissolving is the act of letting go.
  • Healing is the act of meeting with love the very root of that which we struggle with.
  • Transformation is the practical embodied change in behavior and the manifestation of action which is in alignment with Heart Wisdom.

Because most individuals focus on either dissolving into emptiness, or just on healing or continually trying to change behavior, we end up becoming lopsided on the path. But when we practice all three we find ourselves, empty and free, with a big open and vibrant heart, with very few psychological issues arising and instead manifest a very powerful embodied divinity in our practical everyday lives. In this video I explain the mutually supportive movement of all three forces of awakening.