“The title of tonight’s satsang is Christmas Compassion, that’s what Christmas is truly about. It’s a celebration of compassion, a celebration of giving, giving one’s life… for love.

This week must have been a difficult week for a lot of individuals, but there was many people that came to me in a state of hopelessness. In the teachings of the gospel, the teachings of the Buddha, the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, the teachings of the Buddha Sutra and the Holy Quran are teachings of hope. Hope based in strength, in love, in this deeper compassion. But when we find ourselves lost in pain, we have to be willing to love that which is within us. If we cannot love our self, we’re not going to go very far on the path. If we can’t love our self we’ll be lost in this world. Because, this world is hard, there’s no doubt about it.”

In order to counteract these forces of mind, ego and habit we have to be in touch with compassion – what does this mean? The good news is, compassion is your true nature. Watch the video below for the full discussion, and the many questions answered during this special holiday satsang meeting.

The audio recording of this satsang and past satsang meetings can be found at https://craigholliday.com/downloads.

Merry Christmas to all of you, and thank you.