In this video series, I offer some basic instructions on spiritual awakening. Over the years, I have found short practices repeated through out our day help to solidify or ground the experience of awakening. In our daily lives, we have so many influences over our consciousness and within us we have many unconscious drives distracting us in one direction or another leading us astray from our path. The practices in these videos are designed to help you awaken to that which is true within you, and to realign one with the truth after you have fallen prey to unconscious forces.

Additionally, the short videos offer inquiry questions. These are questions for you to sit with quietly and contemplate the nature of your being and your experience. Many questions point to the direct experience of this moment, whereas others challenge you to discover where you are stuck and where you become fooled by what’s in your shadow. The beauty of these short practices is their practicality and accessibility. It does not take much time to engage in these practices, but they do have the power to point to something great within you. I hope you will join us in this exploration.