With 40 Of The World’s Leading Transformational Teachers

FREE Event Happening On October 26 – 29, 2020


Craig is featured in the Retreat Summit sharing satsang and an interview with the Summit hosts. He speaks about the importance of opening in the 3 centers: Head, Heart, and Hara on the path. We hope you can join Craig and the other great teachers for this transformational event.

Who’s This Event For?

• Entrepreneurs, Lightworkers and Visionaries
• Mindfulness Practitioners and Teachers
• Healers, Psychologists and Therapists
• Parents, Teachers and Educators
• Yoga Students and Teachers
• Intuitives and Clairvoyants
• People seeking growth, freedom and higher purpose
• People seeking a fresh perspective on spirituality
• Anyone who is looking to expand their consciousness
• Individuals who want to align with their highest passions
• People who want to discover ancient secrets and wisdom
• Anyone who wants to create and manifest their best life
• Individuals looking for more meaning and happiness
• Anyone who wants align with higher love, light and joy
• People dedicated to self-discovery and awareness
• People looking for a like-minded community of lightworkers

What You Will Learn

DAY 1: Expand Your Mind
• Self-discovery tools to uncover unconscious thoughts & emotions
• Discover mindful practices to break through conditioned beliefs
• Expand your consciousness for higher purpose, creativity & flow

DAY 2: Empower Your Body
• Mindfulness-based movement practices for self-healing
• Transformational tools for greater mind-body connection
• How to listen and be more in tune with your body’s wisdom

DAY 3: Heal Your Heart
• Identify and release stuck emotions to create a new future
• Meditative practices to activate your heart intelligence
• How to develop your intuition and manifest with more ease
• Secrets to having everything you want in relationships

DAY 4: Align Your Soul
• How to rise above the ego to align with your divine essence
• Sacred practices to cultivate greater presence, love and joy
• Awaken your inner power to tune into higher intelligence

Live Sacred Ceremonies

DAY 1: Sound Healing & Mantra Meditation
Featuring Krishna Das, Lulu & Mischka
Includes a collective sound-healing session with powerful mantras and chants to align the mind, body, soul and heart.

DAY 2: Mindful Yoga Flow & Breathwork
Featuring Elena Brower, Nahid De Belgeonne
A combination of easy mindful yoga flow, harmonizing movement and breath practices to rewire the brain and activate positive transformational habits.

DAY 3: Emotional Healing & Consciousness Expansion
Featuring Craig Holliday
A guided meditation to heal emotional patterns that keep us stuck, expand our consciousness and align with our higher self.

DAY 4: Heart-Opening Cacao Ceremony For Manifestation
Featuring Judy Machado
A guided cacao ceremony to increase our vibration, open our hearts and manifest our dreams with more ease.