For over 10 years I have offered support to thousands of individuals from around the world, who have experienced some level of kundalini awakening. I continue to receive questions about kundalini and the various issues that can arise from an awakening. Kundalini is a very intense and dynamic energy which arises from the base of the spine. If and when this energy does awaken along the path it can cause a variety of difficulties in the individual.

Thursday, March 1 – March 5, 2018 you have a fantastic opportunity to watch over 20 video interviews with masters from various spiritual fields discuss all aspects of Kundalini for free. I have recorded two interviews with the hostess Ingrid Niedermayr to be released during the Summit on Friday, March 2. You can watch the trailers for both interviews here:


I sincerely hope you will join the 2018 Kundalini Summit. A lot of great information will be discussed that many of you will find helpful in your path of kundalini integration. You can sign up using the button below.

You will also find more information and support for Kundalini on my website. Kundalini Self Care is necessary for any individual in the process of kundalini awakening. When we know how to work with our experience, we experience bliss and freedom. If we do not know how to work with these powerful energies of awakening, we can experience great pain and confusion. Expert support and guidance is of the utmost value for learning how to effectively integrate your kundalini experiences.